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Tue, May 21, 2019
7:00 PM
Fri, Jun 28, 2019
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This is Alvin from the MoneySmart Academy. How's it going?

In the past several months, we have heard of some drastic workforce reduction and shutdowns across various industries due to expected slowdown in business. From a macro-economic perspective, it is indeed true that in various recent government reports, Asia (specifically China), Eurozone & the USA have all shown a slowdown in economic growth. Worse still, trade war between China and the US has escalated recently. Should you be worried about it?

Well, rather than freaking out, wouldn't it be better to start preparing for it?

It is also during this time that I have trained students who have been affected by the recent rounds of workforce reduction on how to consistently make at least 20% of profit every year investing & trading in the stock market. For them, it is a great step towards potentially not having to work for anyone anymore! But wait… wouldn’t it be even better if you have mastered the skills first during this volatile time?

Jobs are never secure anymore & it should not be the only source of your income. You do keep an umbrella handy on rainy days right? Why not doing it for your financial health as well?

But how?

Come join me in a FREE 2.5-hour session where I demonstrate how you can easily make 20% profit or more consistently through stock investment & trading in a few simple steps.

I will show you first hand,​

☑️ Why investing is a must especially in the stock market
☑️ Common misconception and myths about stock investment
☑️ Why full-time trader is the best profession
☑️ How to become one by trading only 2 hours a week
☑️ How long it takes to replace your job income
☑️ Stock investment & trading fundamentals
☑️ 5 building blocks for consistent success in stock investment & trading
☑️ 5 fatal mistakes people always make in stock investment
☑️ How you can beat the market even if your winning rate is just 34% and
☑️ A program structured to consistently beat the market in 4 simple steps

There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, seats are limited! I can assure you this will be the most beneficial and insightful 2.5 hours you have ever spent!

Share & forward this to everyone you feel may benefit from it. It's absolutely FREE!

I look forward to meeting you personally in the event.

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