[DONATION] Marcus Mook's Dad ICU Medical Expenses Fund

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Thu, Dec 26, 2019
12:00 AM
Fri, Jan 31, 2020
11:00 PM


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Marcus Mook: My Father Mook Hon Kee would be turning 74 YEARS old this year in 2020 February. It is a unexpected shock on Thursday 19 December 2019 that he struck down with a Massive Stroke Attack at that fateful morning. My Mom found him lying on the bedroom floor helplessly with his right side of his body twitching and shaking. She tried to lift him up but she was too weak to carry him to the bedside. My Mom tried to make phone call to me but my Dad showing exasperated that stops her for reaching out to me for help. In his own words telling my mom that Ah Kuan needs to get his rest since he is working at night. The action and intention drive deep to the emotional core of a Fathers love for his son. We lost precious time to mediate medical action when My Mom finally decide to go against my Dad's instruction and called my at 11ish in the morning. Rushing back Home my minds was running wild and panic with all dreadful images flashing through.


I reached Home at 11:45 and saw him lying on the floor and called for a ambulance immediately. Ambulance was only able to reach around 12:30 to rush him to Pantai Hospital for Emergency Admission. The Medical Officer evaluated and reported that He is down with a Stroke and refer him to Dr. Wong Yee Choon Neurology. He was immediately sent to perform CT Scan. The Scan shown his Right Side of his Brain has nearly 80% of inactivity from the Frontal, Parietal and Occipital Lobe. The Doctor gave my Mom and Myself a scolding of not taking a more quicker action and there is high possibility of Tissue Damage due to our inaction. Dr. Wong immediate advice that I have to make a decision to send him to do the operation on that day too as the blood clot is suffocating the brain. I signed the paper to perform the operation and are made aware of the severity of the operation which may possibility cause brain hemorrhage. Operation took 3 hours as all of us waits; that is the longest hours that the whole family painfully waits.


3 hours had passed and a Nurse came out from the Operation Theater calls for me. I froze with heart racing beating fast and knowing what i am going to expect from sliding open the Brown Door. I was met by Dr. Saw Chong Beng who is the Neurosurgeon that performed the Angioplasty Stenting Operation on my Father. The Operation was a success with expanding the Carotid Artery through stenting at the Neck Artery area. There is Plaque blockage accumulation. He reported that is multiple blockage firstly at the Neck main Artery and the other at the Brain main artery.


At this moment he is still in the Critical Care Unit ward of Pantai Hospital. He condition fluctuates at times showing memory losses, slurring speech, his left side of his Body is weak. His mind wanders and aimlessly looking at the ceiling. The Dr. Wong is not willing to release him to the Rehabilitation Ward as his condition is not up to what he expects. Todate, myself and my brother has put in RM 70K as deposit since 1 week ago. The Hospital has been constantly calling me every 2 days to top-up deposit on the on-going bill incurring. going from Credit Card to Credit Card, we have also went to KWSP to make withdrawal but that will take time for KWSP to release funds. During the time we were there, i have alone witness 3 occasion of St.John Ambulance came to the ward with a stretcher to move other patient out from the ward. Talked to the security that they were referred to elsewhere hospital and in mind most likely the funds has run out and they are being moved to General Hospital. I dread that the time will befall on my father when we could not afford and sustain on the expenses demanded, that he is asked to move. We have come such a long way and not fail to give him a normal life due to our inadequacy to fund the exorbitant medical bill.


My only hope and all the family member that we could still have his presence and provide a warm family Chinese New Year Celebration in 2020. For any kind financial support that is donated and not being used, i will make the fund available paying forward for those in need. Having going through the anxiety and emotional stress, we could say we know how it feels. Your prayers and thoughts is heartfelt. Your understanding on the circumstances is gratified.


Marcus Mook


Pantai Hospital Penang

82 Jalan Tengah. 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang. Malaysia.