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Date and time

Sat, Apr 20, 2019
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Money Mastery Signature Workshop

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A Brand New Workshop in this 21st business century that you SHOULD LEVERAGE to discover the secrets of creating multiple sources of income.

This is a 6-hour intensive accelerated workshop created to drive you to relook into your financial status, getting ideas for you to start & build another stream of incomes from different ventures.

For more information: https://masteryasia.lpages.co/money-mastery-signature-workshop-2/?source=eventmy


Are you one of those who...

  • Is frustrated by the fact that despite working hard, your wealth does not seem to be growing?

  • Find that your financial dreams seem to be increasingly way out of reach as the cost of living rises faster than your income?

  • Constantly gets worried and stressed out over any money issues?

  • End up losing money whenever you start a business or invest your money?

  • Run out of ideas and solutions to break free from the rat race and begin accumulating your wealth?

IF YES, this is the platform that you will need to LEVERAGE …

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What you will learn from this signature workshop:

  • The 5 proven principles that make the difference between becoming rich, staying within the middle class and being completely broke

  • What 90% of ALL self-made millionaires and banks have in common

  • How to identify and eliminate money beliefs you might be doing unknowingly that is actually preventing you from your success in creating wealth

  • How the term "multiple streams of income” is hurting you versus helping you

  • Discover the 4 fundamental things you MUST DO to create different streams of income

  • How to identify and attract "Money Making Opportunities" into your life consistently

  • The R.I.C.E (Resource, Idea, Contacts, Expertise) formula. Real life examples that you NEED to have.


Why Is This Money Mastery Signature Workshop Worth For You?

✅ ‘Money Belief’ Analysis Test worth RM97/test 
✅ Master trainer's well-known creation: 'You Can Create Wealth' ebook
✅ Free Audio CD - 'You Can Create Wealth' 
✅ Free access to Hooty Social Learning Platform (contains over 390 wealth creation learning videos) 
✅ Light Lunch provided 

Ready for a change? Here's how you can make it happen. 

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